About Us

Choice Senior Insurance is a professional agency that focuses on final expense and burial insurance policies.  Our agency is built on trust and always doing what is best for our clients.  

Our mission is to help you get the right policy for you with the lowest rates available on your burial and final expense insurance.  This is accomplished by our expertise in this area and treating you like you are part of our family.
We are an independent agency meaning we have access to the top burial insurance companies and aren’t tied down to just one company.  This allows us to always do what is best for you (our clients) instead of working for an insurance company.
We will make sure you have the right burial insurance policy giving you peace of mind knowing there won’t be any burden of final expenses left on your family.  
With our agency, you can always call your licensed agent who will help you find the right policy and answer your questions, help with the application process, and be there for you and your family in the future.  
Kelly Hamilton is a licensed insurance agent who was first licensed in 2000.  One of the first things he did was conduct a policy review for his grandmother’s burial insurance policies.  She had two policies both which she had gotten through the mail.  Kelly discovered one of the policies expired at age 75 (his grandmother was 74) and she was paying too much for the other policy.  Thankfully, he was able to replace both policies with a permanent policy that gave her more benefits for less than she was paying.  
Soon, he was doing reviews for all of his clients but found that he really enjoyed working with seniors.  About half of his reviews he would be able to tell seniors that everything looked good and to not change anything.  But the other half, he kept finding policies that were overpriced or would terminate at certain ages (usually 75 or 80).  
Kelly really wanted to serve seniors in this market so he became an expert in final expense / burial insurance policies.  He also has extensive knowledge of medicare supplements, medicare advantage plans, and medicare prescription plans.